Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sweet/Sad day. I will always remember...

The time is 12:13 am on Saturday the 22nd of December 2012! Wooh! I survived the rapture. And what a rapture it was. Flying meteors, swarms of locusts, boxes of pizza dozens of feet high. It was madness, I tell you, utter madness!

Anyway, I felt like blogging for the first time since last year when I accomplished and conquered that Triathlon. It still gives me a look of shame and averts its gaze every time we see each other passing in the street. I conquered you, dear triathlon, there's no shame in that. Well, maybe a little.... for you.

Anyway, the reason for this blog is to reminisce and remember a wonderful and magical production I was involved in over the past three months. That blessed and God-sent miracle is called Liken's "The First Christmas". A Christmas musical that came to the stage for the first time ever! At the Scera Theater in Orem. I have fond memories of the Scera Shell from olden days gone. Laying blankets on the grassy hill to watch happy-go-lucky plays such as "The Wizard of Oz" and "Annie Get Your Gun". Those are the only two I really remember... Oh wait, I also remember seeing "The Secret Garden".

This experience however was different and wonderful and sad and uplifting and so much more that I can't even express all the emotions I'm feeling. Last night (Friday the 21st) was the penultimate show and afterwards we party-ed it up real good and got crazy after a great showing to a practically sold out audience. I was having a hard time keeping things happy and trying to savor each moment knowing that it was only going to happen once more.

The party really helped me loosen up around the cast and crew that I've been working with the past three-ish months. I finally got more talk/laughing time with some of the greats and felt more part of the cast than I have all since it started.

We danced, laughed, ate pizza and other delicious goodies, we got Christmas cards from the producers. We let loose like it really was the last day of the world as we know it and that we had to make this moment last. Which I think we did a pretty good job of.

I'm going to miss the people the most. Of course. It's always the people that make a stage production or any production for that matter the most memorable. Even though I (sadly) didn't get to know that many personally, it being a pretty large cast and all and me being shyer than a timid turtle. But I got to know some of them well enough to know that my life has changed for the better for knowing them. And for working hard over the past three months with them. Also, I wouldn't mind getting a random call from some of the actors...wink wink ;) They probably won't ever read this so I'm free to let my emotions show. However, I still won't mention their names just in case...

The video below is just a short and small blip of what we have/had done and what it was all about. And here are a couple of pictures that were taken by a member of the crew. Pictures that will remind me every time I look upon them with a smile on my face and a tear on my cheek.

Above picture is the soulfull rendition of "Glory to God" and the final scene on the bottom of the baby Jesus with the shepards, wisemen, and angels (who are sadly not pictured, but there nevertheless). Closing the show with the main reason we celebrate Christmas. To celebrate the birth of our Savior who died for us. A Lord who I've been distant associates over the past few years or more really. But thanks to this production, has given my testimony of our Lord and Savior a big boost that was more than needed. And came at a time where I was in a low and dark place. Unsure of where the "light" had gone and if He even knew I existed. A glimmer of light came to me and made my heart and soul sing with joy.

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